The Visionary Optometrists practices by the slogan – “I for an eye”. We believe that everyone has the right to sight and should be entitled to a professional and clinical service, regardless of their budget. For that reason we commence with a professional eye examination, inclusive of fundus photography, glaucoma screening and slitlamp examination. We do not believe in merely refracting the eye, but that every patient that walks through our doors, should be confident that they do not suffer from any ocular pathology or are at risk of pathology due to systemic conditions. For this reason we work closely with our private and government ophthalmologists. For those that need corrections to improve vision we offer a wide range of eyewear, from all-inclusive packages (examination, frame and lenses) to a very large designer range of frames (the practice stocks over a 1000 frames). We pride ourselves in something unique – hand painted frames and niche ranges that will leave you with a tailormade prescription. We also consider the shortfalls in medical aids – most do not pay for colour-changing tinting, that is why we offer these tints for free when you choose a new frame after a comprehensive eye-examination. We also aim to offer the patient a prescription within their medical aid benefits – for that reason we offer not only a wide selection of frames, but also a selection across the price spectrum covered by medical aids.  Not everyone loves spectacles and that is why we offer a wide selection of contact lenses, correcting multi-focal corrections, astigmatism and even sclerals.



At the Visionary Optometrists, we offer a wide range of different eyewear in all shapes and sizes to suit your unique style and requirements.


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Friendly, professional, catered to my needs. Very fair costs particularly if you have no medical aid. I went here on the recommendation of several friends
Lesley Welch
I have never been to such a wonderful optometrist since I moved to George 5 years ago. Would highly recommend Anriette Bester.
Rhoda Bothma